Elizabeth Davis, LCSW

Elizabeth Davis is an adult therapist in Cortez, Colorado at Cortez Integrated Healthcare.


Cortez Integrated Healthcare

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About Elizabeth Davis, LCSW

Elizabeth is an adult therapist at Cortez Integrated Healthcare in Cortez, Colorado. She primarily serves Medicare clients. Her treatment approach is CBT, DBT, EDMR and ACT. She provides counseling via telehealth. Elizabeth is interested in the mind-body connection, particularly with trauma and how trauma is stored in the body.

“Clients can expect that I will serve as their guide for them to uncover their own path to wellness. I believe that much of the work happens in between sessions.  I will give homework and expect that clients try out new interventions/behaviors in between sessions and utilize session to troubleshoot what did and did not work.  I want to help clients get in touch with their bodies and physical sensations that alert them to emotions in order to have more control over their bodies and lives. 

I believe that therapy is a partnership and ask clients for direct feedback as to what modalities/interventions are effective.”

Her personal interests are running, yoga, and skiing. She is originally from New Jersey and has lived in Colorado since 2012.


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