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Jared Kellerman is a child, adolescent, and family therapist at Cortez Integrated Healthcare.


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About Jared Kellerman, MS, NLC

Jared Kellerman, MS, NLC, a child, adolescent, and family therapist at Cortez Integrated Healthcare. Jared is a member of our very experienced team at CIH and is accepting new patients. Along with his child, adolescent, and family therapy knowledge, Jared has special expertise in trauma-informed care and interventions, parent-child attachment, Parent Child Interaction Therapy, and men’s issues (developing social-emotional skills), and LGBTQ+ affirmative.

“The values that guide my career the most are curiosity and collaboration. Curiosity helps me leave my assumptions about people at the door and make space to empathically understand how they view and operate in the world. To put it another way, I’m always trying to learn my client’s “language.” I collaborate with my clients and caregivers. Through my intentional word choice, I work to partner with my client by following their lead regarding what they are ready to work for.

Maybe this is an extension of my values, but what gets me up every day is the hope that I will support connection. Whether it’s related to my clinical work or my self-work, being in a safe, supportive relationship is vital to all humans, especially during these challenging political times and modern life that keeps us drawn to a screen in some way or another.

When I’m not seeing clients, I’m reading up on approaches to support attachment between caregivers and their kids; I especially enjoy reading up on approaches for kids that have dealt with trauma and neglect.

I like to think I follow the quote of “not all who wander are lost” by J.R.R. Tolkien in that I have a bit of wanderlust and find value in going to new places and meeting new people. Given the pandemic we’re living in, I try to satisfy my wanderlust by hiking, window shopping, day trips to nearby cities on the weekend (while masking and social distancing, of course). My family is similar in that we’re all spread out; my parents live in Arizona, my brother lives in North Dakota, and my sister lives in South Dakota. When I’m not out and about, you’ll find me reading a book on a new topic, watching SciFi and fantasy movies, or baking; I hope to take up kayaking again in the future.

I’ve nailed my jurisprudence exam twice for each of my licenses so far; I’ll be able to help you figure out how Colorado statutes apply to your situation.”


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