Dear Community Members,

In the fight against the pandemic, the start of 2021 has been all about COVID-19 vaccines. Southwest Colorado is part of the tremendous, unprecedented vaccination effort; a mind-boggling yet very inspiring worldwide mobilization to help us chart a path back to something that is more “normal.”

In our corner of the world, our local public health departments and hospitals took the lead on vaccinating healthcare workers and nursing home residents beginning in December 2020. They continue to support and expand vaccine access to the identified priority populations. Recently, Axis Health System joined in to help vaccinate people 70+, who are part of the current priority group. 

I am proud to share that in January Axis Health System held 4.5 days of “pop-up’” clinics and provided first-dose vaccinations to over 1,200 folks in this priority category with help from our staff and volunteers.  We are preparing to repeat this “pop-up” approach through February to provide the required second dose. We are also working on a strategy to support vaccinations directly through our clinics and to assist in vaccination efforts for other identified priority or special populations.

At the same time, our communities have been pulling together to find more sustainable and efficient ways to address the need for mass vaccination clinics. As Colorado continues to open up vaccine availability to protect more and more of our residents, the partnership between public health, the hospitals, Axis Health System, other providers and pharmacies will enhance our ability to get more vaccines into our communities and allow us to come together to mobilize and vaccinate on a scale never before attempted. 

I am inspired by what can be done when so many people are invested in helping one another and are activated around a common cause. In our local vaccination efforts, similar to all of the challenges we have faced together throughout this pandemic, our collaborative work takes us much farther than any one of our organizations can go alone. Thank you for being all in, togethe

Stay healthy… stay safe… stay well.

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Shelly Burke, Chief Executive Officer of Axis Health System

P.S. If you or someone in your circle is struggling or could use some support, please call the Axis 24/7 Care Line at 970.247.5245 to speak to a professional 24hrs a day/7 days a week.