Dear Community Members,

I am excited to announce rEvolve – a monthly newsletter created to keep you informed and connected with Axis Health System.

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of our name change to Axis Health System.  As you may or may not know, our original name was Southwest Colorado Mental Health Center, which we decided in 2009 no longer fit who we were or what we did. The Axis Health System name was selected by our staff and is intended to remind us that our patients are at the center (axis) of everything we do and are the anchor for the integrated care continuum we provide.

Having been with this organization for nearly 21 years, I know that we are a part of a broad network of community resources with a longstanding history of collaboration and innovation. Strong and vibrant communities happen when there are diverse and connected resources available to support everyone. As inspired and dedicated community organizations, we all work together to contribute to the health and well-being of those who call this region home.

Our intention is that this monthly newsletter is another way that we can share what we are doing and foster new and different connections, linkages and future solutions. We chose the name rEvolve to acknowledge that many of our services are interconnected with the work you do, and together we revolve around the needs of our community. It also highlights that evolution of our Axis Health system continuum in collaboration with many of you is essential in order for us to have the greatest collective impact with the resources we have available.

Working together, we will find innovative solutions and ways to navigate the economic, social, cultural and health challenges that are both in front of us now – and those that are yet to come.

In health,

Shelly Burke
Chief Executive Officer, Axis Health System