Jessica Fucito has been a part of Axis Health System’s administrative team since October 2013. She’s the assistant to four executives, and she’s the glue that holds many projects and people together.

While the Axis administrative staff is often behind the scenes and out of the public eye, they work hard to meet the mission of serving the community.

“I consider myself to be one of the many faces of Axis Health System, and in this I feel like I am always public-facing,” said Fucito. “I am representing Axis when I am out in the community and with my friends and family.”

Fucito’s many duties include: training and travel coordinator, holiday planner for staff and Board of Directors, Annual Report developer, contracts manager, Compliance 360 trainer, state filings, exemptions coordinator, enterprise zone administrator, Notary Public and voicemail recordings script development.

She’s also the Grievance Coordinator, which requires tact, empathy, active listening and problem-solving skills.

“What I enjoy most about my work is providing excellent customer service to my beloved co-workers and our amazing patients,” said Fucito. “I enjoy building relationships with others. People are my passion and helping others is a major motivation. I am able to work on relationships with others, talk with a variety of people and help people here daily.”

Fucito believes strongly in the mission of Axis Health System as an agency that helps people of all backgrounds, ages and disparities. “We follow through on our promises and we don’t leave people behind, because we care about them,” she said. “We will catch you when you fall down, and we will help you to get back up.”