Nadine Frisbie’s goal is to help patients feel safe and comfortable. She joined the Axis Health System team in June as a receptionist at Cortez Oral Health Clinic.

Frisbie worked as a dental assistant for 28 years, including roles as an office manager and billing specialist. She was inspired to help others in her work because she has lost teeth. “It took me a long time to smile again,” she said. “People don’t smile because they’re missing teeth. You don’t see their true colors. They may feel like they’re not complete.”

She is enthusiastic about the payment options and support available at Cortez Oral Health Clinic. She said there is a big need to help the underserved in Montezuma County. “It’s something very special when people can get care on Medicaid or use a sliding fee.”

What does it take to be an excellent receptionist and provide good customer service? Frisbie says: “Be a good listener. You have to have empathy. I feel for people. You have to walk in someone else’s shoes before you really understand.”

Frisbie has lived in Cortez since July 2019. She previously lived in Arizona and grew up on a farm in Trinity National Forest in California. Her family raised her with can-do values: “If you broke it, you fixed it. If you wanted it, you made it,” she said. Frisbee has three adult daughters and eight grandchildren. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and gardening.

When patients walk into the clinic, Frisbie said she wants them to feel glad to be there. “Like walking into your home where you feel safe. I don’t want them to feel scared or uncomfortable.”

Cortez Oral Health Clinic is located at 101 South Maple Street, Suite B. Starting in early August, the clinic will be open Tuesday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. To make an appointment, call and speak to Frisbie at 970.565.1800.