The Four States Agricultural Exposition in Cortez was an opportunity for the community to reconnect – with plenty of livestock, demos and fun giveaways. An Axis Health System team attended the live event to meet local families and invite children to spin a carnival-style prize wheel. They also shared information on mental health support, primary care clinics and COVID-19 vaccinations.

The Community Counseling Assistance Program (CCP) Team staffed a table at the expo, which was held at the Montezuma County Fairgrounds on March 25-27. They saw nearly 400 smiles as they shared toys, games and information with visitors.

“There was a terrific turnout,” said Shea Anderson, CCP Outreach Specialist. “It was so fun seeing all the happy people, and a great opportunity to share more about Axis.”

Over the three-day event, the team connected with hundreds of visitors. The team worked out a system where one of them would help the kids spin the prize wheel while the other team member could talk to the families and see if they could benefit from primary care, behavioral health, dental care – or all the above at integrated clinics. Visitors also had an opportunity to use a tablet to sign up on the spot for a COVID-19 vaccination appointment at an Axis clinic.

“I was impressed by the number of people who were ready and willing to ask for help,” said Michaela Collins, CCP Communication Specialist. “We had meaningful conversations with community members about behavioral health needs for their kids or themselves, programing available in the community to help people that is free of charge, and how they can start the process of getting help for themselves.”

The team shared the Axis 24/7 Care Line (970.247.5245) and the CCP team number (970.828.6004) for additional support. If a patient needs to talk to someone before their appointment time, both supports are offered at no cost, and are available for free to the whole community – not just Axis patients. The Axis 24/7 Care Line is a 24/7 service, and the CCP team is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“We want people to know that Axis is here for them and the whole community. Whether you’re looking for medical care, counseling, dental care, resource connection, no-cost supports… we’re here for you, and we will do what we can to get you where you want to go,” said Anderson.