Durango, Colo. – Axis Health System’s La Plata Integrated Healthcare (LPIH) has partnered with Fort Lewis College (FLC) to offer insurance enrollment services, as well as primary and behavioral health to students, as the school transitions to virtual learning and prepares for winter break. 

Fort Lewis College students may be eligible for Medicaid, which is known as Health First Colorado, or other insurance options. Health First Colorado covers all Essential Health Benefits, including primary care appointments, specialists, prescriptions, behavioral health and dental. LPIH staff can assist with Health First Colorado applications as well as other insurance enrollment through Connect for Health Colorado. LPIH can also help uninsured and underinsured students access sliding-fee scale discounts, which adjust the amount a patient owes based on their income.

What do I need to know to apply for Medicaid?

If you’re a student who wants to apply for Medicaid, you will need to know personal details such as your Social Security number and income details for your household. If a parent or guardian is claiming you on their taxes, you must include them and their income on your application – even if they do not need or want coverage. Many students are still claimed by their parents, so doublecheck to be certain.

How do I apply?

  • You can apply online for free, and may get results immediately.  Click here to apply.
  • You can also apply at your local Department of Human Services, or seek assistance from a Certified Assister, such as our Outreach and Enrollment Specialist.
  • Fort Lewis College students can make an appointment for insurance enrollment assistance through Axis Health System by calling 970.335.2252. Insurance enrollment appointments are generally one hour. This assistance is completely free, and students do not have to be an Axis patient.

Students are welcome to call La Plata Integrated Healthcare to get established with a primary care provider in a medical home. Call 970.335.2288. Enrolled patients can access primary care, couseling, medication management, substance use treatment, dental care and COVID-19 testing and vaccinations.  For more information about the benefits of a medical home for college students, read our blog, “College Health 101: Tips for freshmen and their parents.”

If you need mental health or substance use support, the Axis 24/7 Care Line is staffed by clinicians 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Call 970.247.5245.