In a time of physical distancing and growing needs, Axis Health System has taken to Facebook Live to share behavioral health tips and tricks.

“We are in really funky times. Everyone is feeling the toll of COVID-19, and sometimes you need a bit of help. That’s why we’re here,” said Michaela Collins, Communication Specialist for the Community Counseling Assistance Program (CCP). The program connects anyone impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic with quality services and support. “These Facebook Live events allow us to connect with the community and share some fundamental skills like practicing self-care and navigating challenges in life.”

The CCP team has partnered with local agencies and Axis behavioral health experts to deliver easy-to-digest conversations on topics like grief and loss, loneliness, self-care, back to school concerns and sobriety.

By joining live, people can like and comment in real-time, ask our experts questions and share their experiences. Videos also share local and national resources – some available 24/7 – to help anyone in need, which has been invaluable during a pandemic.

“We keep hearing from people that they want help; but they’re not sure where to start, or even what they need help with sometimes,” said Collins. “People are just overwhelmed. Since we’ve been doing these live streams, we’ve shared them with community members who call our team, and they have been well received.”

The live stream events are scheduled every other Wednesday at noon, but viewers don’t have to tune in at that time. An archive of videos can be accessed anytime on Axis Health System’s Facebook page.

“We recognize that people need some supports but may not be ready to ask for help or have the emotional capacity to get support at a scheduled time,” said KD Bryant, a Licensed Professional Counselor and CCP Team Lead. “That’s the beauty of these live streams. We can share our expertise and resources with the public, and it doesn’t have to be on anyone’s timetable. They are available 24/7 and there for anyone to access. You don’t have to be an Axis patient or even in the area. These videos are here to help anyone who needs it, and have helped us reach thousands of people we might not have connected with otherwise.”

Learn more by visiting our Facebook Page to view the live streams that Axis has hosted to date. The team has covered self-care, handling the holidays, talking to children, mindfulness, resiliency, grief and loss, sobriety, loneliness and back to school.

The CCP team is planning to host sessions on supporting seniors, making mental health accessible to men, disaster responses, substance use, depression, supporting the LGBTQ+ community and introducing new programs in the coming weeks.

Axis Health System’s CCP program offers free psychological first aid to community members in Southwest Colorado. Services include individual and family support, group support, public education sessions and connection to resources. To learn more about the program, visit this page. Call today to meet with a CCP community counselor or to schedule a visit:970.828.6004