A new population-based screening technology allows Axis Health System patients to be screened faster and more efficiently for mental health concerns. Computer Adaptive Testing for Mental Health (CAT-MH) uses a sophisticated model similar to artificial intelligence to customize questions for each patient. It is being piloted at La Plata Integrated Healthcare in Durango.

CAT-MH is a series of questions patients answer on a tablet. The results are used to check for depression, anxiety, mania/hypomania, substance use disorder, psychosis, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, social determinants of health, adult ADHD and suicidality. 

“At our integrated clinics, it’s important to be able to identify patients who otherwise wouldn’t be able to be identified as having behavioral health issues. We can do this with a good screening,” said Pam Wise Romero, the Chief Operating Officer of Axis Health System. 

Learn more in this 3-minute video with Pam-Wise Romero.

Photo: Shakita Reed, Clinical Manager at La Plata Integrated Healthcare, demonstrates the CAT-MH screening tool at the clinic in Durango.