My day is too full. I’ll get to that tomorrow. Who has the time? I just want to relax right now. How many of us have said that when it comes to taking care of ourselves?

In the Axis Health System COVID-19 Livestream Series, viewers with a Facebook profile can watch Eli Cover speak about “Making Time for Mental Health.” Cover is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical Supervisor at Columbine Behavioral Healthcare. He and host Michaela Collins have a conversation that dives into the struggles that keep people from making time for their mental health. They discuss the benefits of mental health practices and offer some resources to get you started.

“Mental health is like going to the dentist,” said Cover. “Everyone probably needs a check-up once per year.”

For people who are uncertain about therapy for themselves or loved ones, the recorded conversation will be helpful and reassuring. Some of the questions Cover explores in this 30-minute recording include:

  • How do you develop a wellness plan?
  • What is stigma?
  • Where do you start in asking for help?
  • How do you choose (or switch to) a new therapist?
  • What can you expect during therapy?

To watch the video conversation, visit: 

Here are some resources that are shared in the video: