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Resources for the community

We’re better together. Axis Health System offers outreach programs to improve the health of the whole community.

Senior Reach

This program for La Plata County residents offers support for the well-being, independence and dignity of older adults, including: short-term counseling, connection and referral to resources, depression screening and short-term treatment, and support and education for family members regarding Alzheimer's/dementia. To become a community partner or to access Senior Reach services, call 970.335.2217

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is an 8-hour course that teaches community members how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illness and substance use disorders. Learn how to apply an action plan in a variety of situations, including when someone is experiencing the following: panic attacks, suicidal thoughts or behaviors, self-injury that's not a suicide attempt, acute psychosis (e.g. hallucinations or delusions), overdose or withdrawal from alcohol or drug use, and reaction to a traumatic event. To request a training or to find out when the next scheduled training is available, call 970.335.2223

Crisis Intervention Teams of Southwest Colorado

Since 2003, we have partnered with local law enforcement to teach officers the skills needed to prevent and de-escalate behavioral health crisis situations in the community. This is an annual five-day training that includes extensive role-playing intended to prepare officers for a broad variety of complex situations in the field. The goal is to increase officers' awareness of behavioral health issues, learn de-escalation and assessment skills and avoid unnecessary arrests by learning when to bring community members in for behavioral healthcare. These efforts increase safety for officers and the community. To learn more, call 970.335.2223

Jail-Based Behavioral Health Services

Our Jail-Based Behavioral Health Services (JBBHS) support county sheriffs in providing screenings, assessments and treatment for substance use disorders to people who are in jail. JBBHS provides behavioral healthcare to inmates and supports continuity of care within the community after release from incarceration. The goals of JBBHS are shorter jail sentences, decreased recidivism and successful linkage to community-based services. To learn more, call 970.335.2237.

Nursing facility screenings through PASRR

The Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) is a federal program that ensures all nursing facility applicants are thoroughly evaluated, placed in nursing facilities only when appropriate, and receive all necessary services while they are there. Axis Health System staff work with area nursing facilities to screen for evidence of serious mental illness or related conditions. To learn more, call 970.335.4350

Axis Health System will make a meaningful difference in the health of Southwest Colorado residents by integrating all aspects of healthcare and treating the whole person.