Telephone scams

Axis Health System warns patients of local telephone scams   September 20, 2017 Durango, CO: It has recently been reported to Axis Health System (AHS) that telephone scams asking for healthcare and other information may be occurring in our area. We want to make sure...

Patient Satisfaction

The Winter 2017 Patient Satisfaction Survey shows our patients are highly satisfied with our care. Dive into the detailed data in this report. Click here for the full report.    

AHS Oral Health Clinic’s care spreads by word of mouth

The Axis Health System Oral Health Clinic expanded and moved to 2530 Colorado Ave on May 1, 2017. AHS Oral Health Clinic’s care spreads by word of mouth By Karla Sluis, Axis Health System representative Our community has a new reason to smile. From July 2016 to...

Levels of Integration

This report reviews levels of integrated healthcare and proposes a funcational standard framework for classifying sites according to these levels.  Click here to read this report by Bern Heath Jr., PhD, CEO of Axis Health System.  

Clinic Design

“Designing Clinical space for the Delivery of Integrated Behavioral Healthcare and Primary Care” was featured in the Journal of The American Board of Family Medicine.  Click here to read the full article and view diagrams.