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Aaron Montaño, MD

Aaron Montaño, MD, is a psychiatrist at Cortez Integrated Healthcare.

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Cortez Integrated Healthcare

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About Aaron Montaño, MD

Aaron Montaño, MD, is a psychiatrist at Axis Health System. He attended Colorado University School of Medicine and completed his psychiatric residency at CU. He sees patients ages 16 and older.

Dr. Montaño has been treating patients since 2015 and completed his residency in 2020. He uses a number of approaches, depending on the needs and wants of the person he is working with. He is most comfortable working within a relational framework, with behavioral interventions or CBT when needed. He can provide medications for a range of mental health problems, including Suboxone (medication-assisted treatment) and other medications for addiction.

Dr. Montaño grew up in Cortez and returned to practice in 2020. He participated in the CU Rural Track (rural medicine) and the Psychotherapy Scholars Track.

 “My patients can expect me to approach them as a person first, then use my experience and training to make the best recommendations I can, consistent with their values and goals. Some of my best work comes in the process of maintaining a treatment relationship through difficult events and interactions; my patients can expect me to continue working with them as long as we can safely do so, with a goal of improving their lives and relationships outside of treatment.”

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