Do you have a relative or friend who might be interested in becoming a Medical Assistant and training in primary health care best practices at Axis’ Integrated Clinics in Cortez and Durango? Axis is partnering with the National Institute for Medical Assistant Advancement (NIMAA), a recognized medical assistant training program, to provide this opportunity to our community.

new partnership with the national institute for medical assistant advancementNIMAA offers an eight-month training program that combines hands-on clinical experience with an innovative online curriculum. The NIMAA program trains future medical assistants to work as effective health care team members in high-performing primary care organizations.

  • NIMAA is eligible to offer Federal Student Aid (Pell Grant and Direct Loans).
  • NIMAA is affordable: tuition is $
    6000 and fees are $785.
  • NIMAA allows for hands-on experience in the clinic for the entire 8-month program.
  • The curriculum occurs online with the majority at one’s own pace.

Please visit the NIMAA website,, to learn more. Interested parties can apply for admission on the website.

Please direct any questions you may have to Amy Allen, Sr. Director of Nursing at, or to NIMAA at