Today, more than ever, the job market is difficult to maneuver.

Supported Employment

Our Supported Employment Program helps people living with behavioral health obtain and maintain competitive employment, while at the same time, providing employers with motivated and skilled employees. Supported Employment provides unique benefits to both employers and job seekers. It helps employers find qualified candidates and helps employees find the quality jobs they are seeking.

Individual Placement and Support Model

Competitive employment helps people feel better about themselves, improves self-esteem and satisfaction with life. The Individual Placement and Support model we use is the only evidence-based Supported Employment Program.

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is a model of Supported Employment that helps people with behavioral health issues find and keep jobs, while at the same time providing employers with access to motivated and skilled employees.

Based on the philosophy that work helps people feel better about themselves, improving their self-esteem and satisfaction with life, Supported Employment is a proven part of assisting people with recovery.

Helping Employers and Employees Build Relationships

By partnering with our team and using our IPS model, you will receive the following benefits at no cost to you:

  • Full employment services
  • Assessment of employer needs to introduce qualified candidates
  • Individualized candidate matching
  • A designated IPS employment specialist
  • Support for the job seeker
  • Training assistance
  • Continuous check-ins from your employment specialist
  • Ongoing support to you and your new hire as long as needed

When people help people, everyone benefits. To learn more about our Supported Employment Program call 970.252.3200 and ask to speak with a Supported Employment Specialist.