Outpatient mental health and substance use treatment can be accessed at Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC). Axis is a CMHC that offers a comprehensive approach to whole-person care, including mental health and substance use treatment, and provides various services for community members. CMHCs have a variety of healthcare professionals, like counselors and social workers that can help you meet your goals in an outpatient setting. Outpatient treatment means receiving a healthcare service outside of a hospital environment. Services can be offered at a reduced cost or sliding fee scale, meaning the price you pay is based on your income if you don’t have health insurance or have a high deductible.

How Does Outpatient Mental Health Treatment Work?

Outpatient mental health and substance use treatment in Colorado can be provided in person or through telehealth. Talk to our team about which option is best for you. Your treatment plan can be incorporated into your daily life and may encourage you to include your family or other loved ones to aid in your success. Remember, the program that works for someone else, may not work the same for you. Your individual program will start when you become a patient at one of Axis’ locations across the Western slope and Southwest Colorado.

Outpatient mental health or substance use treatment is an opportunity for you or a loved one to work with a professional to identify your goals and create a treatment plan that meets your individual needs. Sometimes that includes individual and group therapy, or sometimes a combination of both. Group therapy provides an atmosphere of emotional safety and connects people who may have similar experiences. Group members are often able to learn and receive support from both the therapist and each other.

Axis outpatient behavioral health providers use evidence-based treatments and incorporate the latest prevention, treatment, and recovery science, which always prioritize the safety and well-being of you or your loved one.

When seeking an outpatient treatment plan, remember that everyone is unique. The approach that works for you may not help your friend or family member. That means it’s important to explore your options and seek information about what may be best for you. If you’re not sure, our team will ask you some questions to figure out what may be the best fit for your situation. Your needs may change over time and that’s OK! Your care team will help you navigate any changes as they arise throughout your recovery program.

Some of Axis’ outpatient mental health and substance use treatment services include*:

*Services may vary by location

What Else Can I Expect?

In an outpatient treatment setting, you can also receive information about a variety of community resources, including medical and oral health services, family resources, benefits, workforce services, food banks, housing needs, and more. Our team may suggest things that will help support your recovery journey that and improve your mind-body connection. For example, mental health issues may impact diabetes and make one or both worse. Our care team can help make sure you receive support for medical conditions like medication management, nutrition and diabetes education, and regular preventative visits. We can also help with referrals to primary care services, dental care, specialists, or other providers that are right for you.

Need Help Now?

Our team can help you while you’re waiting for a scheduled visit. Professional and compassionate care providers will answer your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you are located in Hinsdale, Montrose, Delta, San Miguel, Ouray, or Gunnison County call the 24/7 Axis Regional Crisis Center in Montrose at 970.252.3203

If you are located in Montezuma, La Plata, Dolores, San Juan, or Archuleta County, call the 24/7 Axis Regional Crisis Center in Durango at 970.247.5245